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Classic Guitar Riff – Brown Eyed Girl

October 27th, 2010 · 2 Comments

Classic Guitar Riff

Today we have another classic guitar riff.
Brown Eyed Girl. The thing I love about
this classic guitar riff
is that it also teaches the concept
of 2 note harmonies. Specifically the thirds harmony.

If you notice each sound is actually two notes played together.
In each sound the notes are a third apart.

classic guitar riff


Lets Watch the classic guitar riff video and see if we can pick out the notes:

Classic Guitar Riff

Lets look at the

Classic Guitar Riff



Notice there are two basic shapes the thirds are played in.

The Major Form for the major third
and the Minor form for the Minor third.

The Major third uses:
Second finger on the B string
First finger on the E string

So for the first sound or Major third the
Second finger on the B string on the 8th Fret
First finger on the E string on the 7th Fret.

Or one Fret apart.

The Next Sound is a Minor Third:

The Minor third uses:
Third finger on the B string
First finger on the E string

So for the second sound or Minor third the
Third finger on the B string on the 10th Fret
First finger on the E string on the 8th Fret.

Or TWO frets apart.

This Classic Riff then goes up two more
frets and uses the same Minor Position.

The goes back down.

If we were just playing the simple melody
and not harmonizing the
notes would be Do re mi re Do.

The the Classic guitar riff jumps up to the 4th note of the scale to C
and repeats the pattern.

Give this riff a try because you are not just learning the riff but how to harmonize in thirds which gives this classic guitar riff a latin trumpet sound.

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Thank you for dropping by and we will be posting another classic guitar riff soon.

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  • 1 Jack Mitchell // Oct 27, 2010 at 5:10 pm

    Thank you so much. This explains a lot. When you break it down and explain WHY the shift in fingering I start to get an inkling of the ‘math’ of it all. Thanks again for posting.

  • 2 chris lee boon aik // Aug 21, 2011 at 5:03 pm

    Excellent lesson.Even a beginner could understand the lessons well.Thanks buddy.

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